PA Mortgage On-Line Application. Apply on line for properties in Pennsylvania (PA).

Please note:

Applications are accepted for existing residential 1-4 unit homes in Pennsylvania (PA) only. No commercial buildings, construction, lot, land, mixed use, or personal loans.

$60,000 minimum loan amount on PA home loans (purchase and refinance).

$125,000 minimum loan amount on Pennsylvania investor and 203k loans.

You may apply for a Pennsylvania mortgage and request a rate lock three ways:

(1) Pay the mortgage tri-merge credit report fee then call us for a 10 minute interview. Call us at (610) 326-2099 and we will be glad to e-mail you a completed application after a simple 10 minute phone interview, for you electronically sign and return to us with a few clicks. You may also fax it to us toll free. You will only need basic information (name, address, employment) to apply by phone. 

(2) Pay the credit report fee then Print out an application to complete and fax or mail it to us.

(3) Pay the credit report fee then Submit a Secure Application On-Line below. 

We will then provide you a Guaranteed Closing Costs Loan Estimate/LE and an already completed application to sign electronically and return to us with a couple clicks of the mouse. You also may fax it to us toll free. ***Please do not use this form for pre-qualifications. It is to submit an application only.*** We will only accept applications (and accept rate lock requests) after receipt of the application and credit report.

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1. Submitting your application does not automatically lock-in an interest rate for the programs you are requesting. Lock in requests must be made via a simple email or fax request after confirming the current rates with us.

2. Please do not use this form to inquire about our products or pre-qualify. We have a separate page for that or you may phone us.

3. This application is non-binding. You may cancel at any time with no further obligations. Fees paid up front are non refundable.

4. Once we have received your application we will contact you to confirm your information.

*ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS . The credit report fee will be credited towards your closing costs as Paid Outside of Closing (P.O.C.). You will not have to pay the fees that are P.O.C. at closing. They would otherwise be due at closing. The application fee does not guarantee a rate lock or constitute a formal commitment. You may request a rate lock in writing (via fax or email) anytime after we have received your application. This is not a commitment to lend. Loan will be submitted for decision to underwriting. The loan officer or lender is not responsible for delays by third parties such as appraisers, builders, etc. Undersigned parties will make a good faith effort to process this mortgage and stand ready to fulfill the terms before the ending date. I understand this is a binding agreement. See conditions and terms of use for more terms.