Pennsylvania Bad Credit Purchase and Refinance.

Requirements for 560-639 credit score.
This is an FHA 203(b) loan. PA County Loan limits
We need an application and credit report to pre-approve you.
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Is your credit score below 560?

Take some steps to improve your score!

1) Order your Free Annual Credit Report online or call 877-322-8228. All 3 bureaus are used to approve your mortgage loan, so order each credit bureau individually. Allow 30 days to receive via mail if you do not order online. You will receive three reports. Review them with a highlighter and stickies.
2) Do not bother contacting the creditors about errors. Dispute every error or unknown derogatory items with each bureau. You can dispute online though you may find more success disputing by mail. Use our credit report correction request form. We have added the dispute mailing adresses to the forms. Make sure you attach a copy of each credit report page with the error. Attach any bankruptcy discharge documents or paid receipts if applicable.
3) It is recommended you make a copy for your records then send the documents certified mail, return receipt requested.
4) Within 30-45 days the credit bureau must remove the item or receive written proof from the creditor that the account is valid. You will be advised of the result.
5) Once they are removed you should see your score improve after 60 days. With your letters from the creditors, we can also order a RapidRescore if you apply with us and do not have time to wait.
6) Build more credit with a Secured Credit Card that reports to all three bureaus. We like the selection at
Only a credit report pulled by a mortgage company will have your actual Mortgage Credit Scores (FICO, Beacon, Fair Issac). Consumer pulled credit reports have "Educational Scores" "Educational Scores".


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