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Nothing on this website should be construed as a commitment to lend. Rates quoted are deemed reliable but are not guaranteed. Rate locks must be requested in writing and will be confirmed when we receive a lock confirmation from one of our lenders. A pre-approval does not guarantee an approval. It is based on the information that is submitted. We will need to verify the information submitted with pay stubs, and have an appraisal done, etc before we can close a loan.

By submitting your credit card or check payment to us either at the time of visiting our website or through subsequent contact you agree all up-front fees are considered P.O.C. (Paid Outside of Closing) and are non refundable. This includes, but is not limited to, applicable application fees, credit report fees, pre-qualification or pre-approval fees, applicable lock-in fees, and appraisal fees. Failure of a borrower's/consumer's check to clear, placing stop payments, or disputing a credit card charge will result in an additional $50 processing fee the consumer will be obligated to pay in addition to the original charge. You may cancel any inquiry or application at any time without obligation to close a loan or pay additional fees other than what was already paid for.

Basic pre-qualifications are free as outlined on this page. You must have perfect credit (middle score at least 640) for us to pre qualify you without running your credit report.

Services to be provided when borrower submits an optional credit report fee: If you are not sure of having perfect credit, or want us to verify your credit, we will be glad to run your credit report. It is better to be sure before you start house shopping. This optional $35 fee pays for a credit report that AMS agrees to run, analyze, and provide verbal or feedback via email to the borrower, at AMS's discretion, regarding the consumers credit score(s) that were obtained and with no further obligation of AMS. Requestor certifies he/she is ordering their own personal credit report and is using their own credit card to pay credit report fee. The credit report fee will be deducted from the application fee if the borrower and AMS mutually agree to proceed with a loan application. Borrower and/or AMS are under no obligation to proceed with a loan application at any time.

Credit reports that include a consumer or fraud statement can not be provided to the borrower.

Expiration of credit pre-approvals: Credit report and pre-qualifications are valid for as long as the borrowers credit, employment, income, asset, and debt history does not materially change and subject the lenders underwriting guidelines remaining the same or a maximum of 2 years.

AMS is not responsible for lost emails or problems with communications systems. We will make every attempt to provide excellent service as we are solely in the business to close loans by providing financing for homes and have done so since 1995. Please review our extensive list of testimonials and read about us to be confident you are working with a dedicated, customer-focused, experienced company with Low Rates!